Anonymous: So much work. And sorry for my previous choice of words. I was frus frus, Touchie troubled and rumpus razzed.

where’s the leak ma’am

-a very concerned E.

Anonymous: I'll submit my fking confession here cuz idfking understand how to submit anonymously. ya'll should make a freaking fax or something... Cuz if i go ask how to do it ya'll might figure out who posted what and the whole point of this is to be anonymous if you want soooo ye...

You sign out of your account and submit. And then its a mystery.

-Resurrected Mod E.

for now posts are not coming in fact this blog is on hiatus cause everyone is busy enjoy your lives

Mod E left and she’s back and posts are coming hallegujarsfrstfyjagvhbns,

"…Is that weird?"

-Submitted by Waniesha

‘Cause Mabel is the alpha twin.”

-Submitted by Ashli

I wonder if 10 years from now, we’ll all be able to come together and stand under the tree by the art block again. I hope it can happen, and that QC doesn’t be a dick and cut it down.”

-Submitted by Jayce

-Submitted by Avery

"Kinda wish I had more people to talk to about Boston Celtics stuff~"

-Submitted by Jayce

"I always need to talk to or be around somebody, even if I don’t know them. It kinda makes me feel like I’m losing my mind because it’s the only thing I can talk to… Is that weird?”

-Submitted by Waniesha


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